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About Us


Global Salone Property and Investment has come a long way to where we are today; the company started operation back in September, 2014 with a small number of dedicated staff who had worked tremendously to ensure the company survived in a market which is unknown to the general public.

Upon unveiling the company to commence its operations as Real Estate Company committed to serve both local and foreign people who are interested to sell, rent or buy properties in the country, Global Salone immediately gained recognition in the industry; it played a pivotal role in raising awareness of the real estate industry to the general public.

The company operations target all categories of people and ensure that they received a service which delivered their specifications and budget and this has been our priority to make our clients to experience the difference.

Global Salone has established to become a household name known for its successes in closing transactions with no complications. Majority of our clients till this day have continued to refer businesses to us from their loved ones.

We are now turning our business focus to growth therefore we have put our business partners and customers at the heart of our operations to be part of that growth; we have customized our services, simplify our service delivery processes and our employees are ready with all the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve our objectives


Global Salone Property and Investment is a real estate company which engages in providing services to property owners, buyers, tenants and others for the management of their properties or transactions. We have being in this operations for six years and till this day our company has survived and has continued to serve its clients with secure, reliable and affordable services.

Whatever you are seeking to achieve, Global Salone have the capacity to deliver it to you according to your specifications, timeframe and cost. We are committed to serve you and with us you have no worries about fraud or any situation which will lead you to lose time, energy and money. Doing business with us gives a great comfort and pleasure!

We manage building construction, do property management, facilitate land documentation, do property renovation and maintenance, manage property rentals, and do property valuation, and real estate consultancy.


Best Practice: we conduct our business operations in accordance to the rules and regulations of conducting business in the country, and our staffs maintain professionalism in service delivery

Deliver Value: we listen to understand your requirements and provide you with the right service which meets your specification, time and cost.

Reliable: once you have hired any of our services, your worries are over cause we prioritize all our clients’ requests and use our expertise, network and resources to achieve their needs

Experience: we have been in operation for many years and have sound knowledge of the real estate industry; you can count on us for factual information and professional advice that can save you from loss of money and time.

Cost Effective: with our experience and expertise, those costly mistakes are all avoided as our committed staffs will guide you through in every step of the process so that you make only those decisions that bring more value to money spent and your required needs are accomplished.