There is no dispute that Sierra Leone is a growing hub for investment on the continent. With Global Salone on your side, you can be a part of that growth. When it comes to commercial real estate investments in Sierra Leone, there is every reason to act now. Investment in the real estate sector in particular has been made less risky, more stable, and increasingly more lucrative as a result of the boom in privatization and development.
Global Salone experts know Sierra Leone. We use that knowledge to maximize your returns and ensure that you get the right fit of property at the right price for you. Sierra Leone boasts a diversity of locales, each with its own set of unique characteristics. History has proven that location can make or break a business. You can depend on Global Salone to help you choose a suitable location that meets the needs of your desired plan.

What we Offer

  1. We know the best locations for investment, new developing areas, and established commercial centers
  2. We understand the demand for space, so we can ensure you make the right investment to achieve maximum returns.
  3. We have the largest property portfolio – we invest heavily in the marketing to make sure of that.
  4. We are partnered with highly experienced lawyers with years of Sierra Leone real estate experience who will ensure that your investment legal risks are minimize
Properties for Sale