If you are looking for your dream home, your search ends with Global Salone. Whether you are in search of a modern property in the center of the city, or a quieter home in the suburbs, we have them all. We give you options based on your wish-list, and youchoose the one that best suits you.
With Global Salone’s agents and services you can expect the following:

  1. You will receive the news of forthcoming property sales in regions that match your requirements sooner than our competitors.
  2. Get best property match from the huge Global Salone property listings of houses, apartments, complexes, in the heart of the city or steps from Freetown peninsula beaches.
  3. With our team of lawyers, we walk you through the legal process of property buying, conveyance, valuation, etc.
  4. We are closely associated with Freetown City Council’s Urban Planning Department and Land and Country planning Ministry which ensures the safety of the investments as well as non-violation of regulations.
  5. After your quest to find the perfect piece of property is over, we will offer you guidance on details, negotiation and legalities until the keys are in your hands.
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