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Situated just on the tip of the sloop overlooking the hills, mountains, beach and sea, this location will give you excellent panoramic view of the whole town you were for all time yearning for.
It’s just gaining momentum with massive structures going up everywhere and absolutely noise free about a kilometer from the main peninsula road.
Your family is assured of an ever ending satisfaction and growing love to stay around with calm and friendly neighborhoods. You have access to granite, water, and electricity which will surely ease your building constraints and, wanting to move in quickly.


The property lies at the heart of the city motorway network connecting the city and the provinces. It lies few kilometres from the central Business District and providing flexible distribution to the other parts of the Country.
This property location is integral to its value, making it suitable for any development options such as massive industrial Building, Warehouse, Multipurpose, Schools and Colleges, Religious structures, and for Real Estate Homes.
We believe the returns of your investment on this property are almost immediate and therefore offers a purchaser excellent opportunity for future rental growth performance.
The property offers substantial additional facility including
• Flexible distribution Network to the City Centre and the Provinces
• Secured gated fence
• Fully enclosed site with perimeter fencing
• Easy dual access to the main Waterloo high way
• Peaceful environment
• Authentic documentation from the first owner
• Extremely flat with stunning


This land starts from the main road and extend down to the river giving it stunning sea view and river basement. It is totally flat with touristic sloop to the river belt. Its resides in remarkable location very close to a water fall and just about 5 minutes drive down to the wonderful NO 2 River Beach, the city most visited beach by tourist. It is $4,500 per plot


A highly appealing parcel of land resides at the rear of LG building are share neighborhood with Basha Bakery, YSC, RSLAF HQ,Freetown mall, Crown Xpress, Freetown Super market, TOTAL, and lots more.
It is a one-of-a-kind piece of land in a beautiful environment that you don't want to miss.

This land is available to the BUYER who act NOW!