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15 Oct

Proposed Multi Purpose Complex To Be Situated At Lumley Beach Aberdeen

As real estate brokers, we assist people and businesses in acquiring properties. We have extensive expertise in acquiring leasehold or freehold property from private person or government in SierraLeone. In October 2022, we began acquiring a state land leasehold for one of our illustrious clients in SierraLeone’s Western region. To begin, we developed a transaction requirement and associated processes. Then we divide these processes into three distinct milestone.
1. complete transaction planning and engagement of stakeholders.
2. Take possession of the land.
3. Complete all documentation.

Unlike many governments lease acquisition, this one involves twist and several interest.
We promised ourselves a trip to Banana highland once the transaction is satisfactorily completed. On 12th January 2022, this young and motivated team completely fulfilled these conditions.

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