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About Us


Global Salone Property and Investment is a real estate asset management company that provides technical support to property owners, landlords, tenants from corporate institutions to individuals so that all their real estate needs are being manage and facilitate by us for maximum satisfaction.



Professionalism: Management and staffs of the company adhere to standard professional ethics and conducts.

Accountability: It is our responsibility to achieve our customers' requirements and to give account of how we conduct our business transactions.

Collaboration: We maintain both professional and personal relationship with all stakeholders to establish a positive working relationship.

Creating values: Our service delivery is based on knowledge, creativity and hard work to ensure efficiency and maximum satisfaction

Confidentiality: Information regards our partners and clients is highly secured and always maintain private.

Fair play: We prioritise all businesses and give them equal opportunity. 



Global Salone have come a long way to be where we are today, and irrespective of the countless challenges faced during the course of our six years in existence, we are able to accomplish the following:

  1. Recorded a net sales of properties worth Five Billion Leones (Le5,000,000,000)
  2. Facilitated property rentals both residentials and commercials for more than 200 clients which 65% of those transactions where successful.
  3. Conducted property valuation on different real properties such as residential, commercial and industrial properties, bare land which accounted for over one hundred and fifty properties and have a net total value exceeding one trillion Leones.
  4. carried out successfully a building construction project worth USD $100,000 from the initial stage to completion of the project.
  5. Currently have in our property management portfolio seven residential and commercial houses with more than twenty units full time property management.
  6. Annual commission from all our operational revenue has increased from thirty million (Le30,000,000) in 2014 to One Hundred and Fifty Leones (Le150,000,000) in 2019.



The vision of the company is to own the biggest Sierra Leone Real Estate Online Market platform.



The company aims to establish an online property listing platform and provides services to compliments property owners and seekers in their cause to accomplish their purpose.



  1. To provide secure, ease and convenient platform to find all properties and real estate professionals
  2. To provide technical supportive services that meet individual client needs
  3. To be recognised as the best real estate brand in the country

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