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10 Nov


INTRODUCTION Selling your property at your expected price within a reasonable time frame is becoming more challenging every day. How often have you passed by a property with or without a for sale sign and asked yourself, “Is this property not sold yet?” Well, it is even more common nowadays, especially for bigger homes and landed properties. The reasons could largely be attributed to price. Still, it may not be price alone, and it could be any of the factors discussed below. To achieve a successful sale, vendors are strongly encouraged to take a few minutes and write down or...
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15 Oct

Proposed Multi Purpose Complex To Be Situated At Lumley Beach Aberdeen

As real estate brokers, we assist people and businesses in acquiring properties. We have extensive expertise in acquiring leasehold or freehold property from private person or government in SierraLeone. In October 2022, we began acquiring a state land leasehold for one of our illustrious clients in SierraLeone’s Western region. To begin, we developed a transaction requirement and associated processes. Then we divide these processes into three distinct milestone.Milestones1. complete transaction planning and engagement of stakeholders.2. Take possession of the land.3. Complete all documentation. Unlike many governments lease acquisition, this one involves twist and several interest.We promised ourselves a trip to...
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14 Oct

Focus On Real Estate Salone Video Series – Episode 2

In this episode the Managing Director at Sonako Homes, Mr. Arthur S.C Johnson was hosted to critically look at the term Valuation in the context of real estate, its meaning and importance in the real estate industry.
15 Sep

I WANT TO SELL…because of “DELAY” documentation

INTRODUCTION Despite all efforts from our TEAM ( License Surveyor, Lawyer and Broker), a customer for whom we facilitated his property buying in the Peninsular of Freetown, Sierra Leone in April 2021, HIS document has not been signed . He has completed all necessary preparation for construction, including architectural drawing and fencing, but he is sceptical about whether he should go ahead with construction or not. As a diasporan, he has been frustrated by the delay and, therefore. WANTS TO SELL BACK THE LAND… BECAUSE OF DELAY IN THE DOCUMENTATION. THE FACT He is not alone in this, and we...
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16 Jun

How to estimate the value of commercial property in 30 Minutes

Introduction Global Salone has led and facilitated countless property transactions across the country for nearly a decade, chiefly in the capital, Freetown. The company has also witnessed a number of instances in which neither the buyer nor the seller is confident that they received a good deal or offer. There have been several questions: Is the asking price actually proportional to the open market value of the property; what is the total closing cost of the property; who is supposed to pay the 10% tax; and how much rental income will the property generate? In other words, buyers and sellers...
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