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16 Jun

Buy a finished house or build your own? An investment decision you should make before you leap.

Introduction Investing is regarded as the most effective way to preserve and grow wealth. Investment is putting money to work that makes money back in the form of profit, interest, or an increase in the value of your wealth. Ironically, someone beautifully said that “the safest way to invest on earth is on earth.” Going with this, I believe there are two ways you can do this. You can buy a plot of land and construct your desired property. Others may buy a developed structure such as a commercial or residential property that requires renovation, redecoration, remodelling, or redesign and...
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7 May

Global Salone Newsletter & Magazine

This video will give you brief details about the first and only Real estate and development Magazine and Newsletter in Sierra Leone from Global Salone Property and Investment Company.
7 May

Focus On Real Estate Salone Video Series – Episode 1

In this episode the Head Of Operations at Global Salone Ismail Umar Sheku Kebe was hosted to share his experience, dicuss generally about Global Salone, the real estate industry challenges and possible solutions.
7 May

Turning Your Real Estate Into Real Opportunities

In everything we do in real estate, we are always focused on the potential #commercial benefits for your business. This could be in maximizing the revenue or a potential value of your property. It could equally be reducing costs, or dealing with complex property issues that is distracting you from your core business. Be smart next time you think of investing in or buying a property in Freetown, Sierra leone. Good Luck!
4 Feb

How to Conduct a due diligence search on Properties in the Western Area of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

 Introduction: Do you know the most significant impediment to purchasing property in the Republic of Sierra Leone’s Western Area is its underlying encumbrances? This could be because the property: has claims from multiple individuals, each with their own document; the property is under court injunction; the seller lacks proper title; the seller is ineligible to sell; or the property is affected by a government development project or falls within government restricted areas. Since you have no choice but to purchase property, you must take precautions against these risks by performing a thorough title check. Conducting a property title search and...
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