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Maintaining property condition and tenant relation are two troubleshooting issues mostly oversight by many landlords though it proves to be costly and time consuming. Our management service ensures your property is always maintained in good condition and good tenants occupied it. Our service entails:

Property rental
Property inspection
Tenant relation management
Handle maintenance and repairs work
Collect rent and enforce payment
Administer property activities

The state of condition of your property can add or reduce its value; therefore, it is appropriate to use renovation or maintenance idea required for the property to appreciate its value. Global Salone can manage professionally your renovation and maintenance project from concept design to finishing stage. We ensure you that your property will be standard and meet modern day lifestyle or workplace requirement

Our buying or letting facilitation service is designed to relieve you from all the ups and downs to buy or to rent your property; we offer you a personalized service which leaves you with the feeling that you do all the work yourself. You can trust the process use to handle all your transactions start to finish; we are trained, experienced and efficient in performing our duties, and we can always get your specifications meet with no aftermath transaction problems.

Our sales and rental management service entails:

Fix the property price
Advertise and market the property
Accompany and negotiate with prospects
Facilitate documentation process
Collect payment and close the deal
Each of these services are conducted prior to the approval and recommendation of the property seller or landlord. Our ultimate professionalism is granted in delivering our services. With us, you do not need to worry about your property or the process; we are transparent, efficient and technical

Obtaining precise and reliable information that accurately describe and show the true market value of your property is key to make right decisions. Our valuation service is undertaken by professionally trained and experienced valuers who demonstrate due diligence and integrity when they are on duty, and their reports are free from bias and credible to be used for any suitable purpose.

Our consultancy service is to provide our clients with technical support and information based on individual needs. We conduct real estate market research, do buying and selling advisory and special needs assignment etc. you can count on Global Salone as your ideal real estate consultancy company which can guarantee you to receive reliable, timely and definitive information and support to see you though to attain your goal

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