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Property Management


Today’s management of your property has a significant impact on its future value. Global Salone fully understands this concept, which underpins our approach to managing your property portfolio.

We consistently deliver superior returns, even in challenging market conditions. And, our commitment to a win-win strategy underpins how we handle the day-to-day management of your property and tenants for property value appreciation and good tenant stayed experience.

Our commitment to knowledge-based results underpins our work, and our in-house research department distinguishes Global Salone from other property management companies in Sierra Leone. We have a demonstrated track record spanning close to a decade.

What We Do

·      Coordinate improvements to the property to make it marketable.

·       Market your property for rent.

·       Establish income flow for the property

·       Receive and record all income and transfer accordingly.

·    Disburse funds as necessary, within limits of the management agreement.

·     Provide monthly income and expense statements detailing any transactions.

·       We will, if so directed, make payments relating to the property.

·  Arrange for and make contracts with utility companies and service contracts. Repair and maintenance costs are moderate due to our volume of business.

·       Inspect the exterior and interior of the property periodically and report to the Owner.

·   Screen all prospective residents by obtaining a credit report. Every effort is made to secure the most desirable resident possible for your home.

·       Take appropriate legal action on delinquent rents. 

Our Benefit

Our Clients benefit from

  • Maximum property value by reduced operating expenses and proactive maintenance Planning
  • Optimal property rental income
  • Minimal risk of rent delinquency and property vandalizing
  • immunity Stress caused by difficult tenants.

property management


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Today’s management of your property has a significant impact on its future value


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